Gender Studies

Gender Studies is a dynamic interdisciplinary field of academic study and research that begins from interrogating “gender” as a social and cultural concept that has real impact on human lives, practices, and institutions. Drawing on continuing scholarly developments, Gender Studies invites you to question assumptions about how gender and associated issues impact the social and political world and inform academic study and practice across the Natural and Social Sciences, Humanities and arts.

At New College, students approach Gender Studies from many angles and areas of study.  Some students begin by examining gendered dynamics in literature or the arts, while others begin with the cross-cultural concerns of anthropology or how biology is or is not gendered, questions about how gender shapes social policy, or with an interest in how gender inflects the field of ethics. What joins them in conversation is a will to examine how human understandings of gender and sexual identity have changed over time and how they continue to shape our experience of the world. Broadly defined at New College, Gender Studies encompasses work that could also be called women’s studies, masculinity studies, lesbian and gay studies, queer studies or feminist studies. It also intersects with the issues raised in the various fields of ethnic studies.

Our Gender Studies faculty are all active scholar-teachers; their research includes a longitudinal study of coding gender in children’s literature, an exploration of marginalized gendered and race experiences in francophone writers from Qu├ębec, the Ivory Coast and Cameroon, an examination of how female embodiment inflects legal speech in eighteenth-century Britain, or psychological studies of prejudice. Our Gender Studies graduates pursue varied careers, including legal or public policy work, nonprofit advocacy, social services, health/counseling and education.

Graduates from our Gender Studies program have gone on to work in a wide variety of fields and for companies and organizations as diverse as People's Grocery, the U.S. Department of Education, Community Legal Services, City University of New York, Alachua County School District, Ithaca College, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, Portland Community College, The Jackson Sun, The Miracle Project of Vista Del Mar, the Florida State Attorney's Office, San Diego Head Start, Todd AO Editworks, The Ohio State University, George Mason University and the College of Wooster. For more information on the diverse careers led by our alumnae/i, visit the Our Graduates page.

Brilliantly [U]nique. [U]niquely Brilliant.

As part of the State University System of Florida, New College of Florida is one of the few public liberal arts and sciences honors colleges in the United States. We’re known for our record number of Fulbright Scholars (more per capita than Harvard, Stanford or Yale) and for the high rate of our students going on to graduate school. We offer an individualized, thought-provoking and challenging academic experience. What does that mean? Hands-on research conducted side by side with your professors. Small, intimate classes. Detailed narrative evaluations from your professors. Independent study required to graduate. All in a stunning location right on the water in Sarasota, Florida.


Our Gender Studies alums have gone on to careers as professors, physicians, founders and directors of nonprofits, attorneys, communications executives, public policy-makers, teachers, authors, filmmakers and more.

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