Gabrielle Vail

Visiting Assistant Professor of International & Area Studies

M.A., Ph.D., Tulane University
B.A., New College of Florida

Professors Vail specializes in Pre-Columbian studies, with an emphasis on the iconography and hieroglyphic texts of the screenfold manuscripts (codices) painted by the prehispanic Maya. She has done collaborative research with colleagues on the Borgia group of codices from central Mexico and postclassic murals from the Maya area, as well as ethnohistoric documents from the Maya region. These studies contribute to our understanding of the ideology and religion of Mesoamerica and of interactions among Maya and central Mexican cultures during the postclassic period.

1988 The Archaeology of Coastal Belize. B.A.R. lnternational Series Publication 463. Oxford,England.

1990 Human Mosaic: A Social Science Journal. Vol. 23 (Special editor of issue). Tulane University, New Orleans.

1997 (co-editor with V. Bricker). Papers on the Madrid Codex. Middle American Research Institute, Publication 64. Tulane University, New Orleans.

2000 (co-editor with M. Macri). "Language and Dialect Variation in the Maya Hieroglyphic Script." Special Issue of Written Language and Literacy, Vol. 3, No. I.

2004 (co-editor with A. Aveni). The Madrid Codex: New Approaches to Understanding an Ancient Maya Manuscript. University Press of Colorado, Boulder. 2006 (co-editor with Timothy Knowlton and Markus Eberl). The Bricker Almanac: A Festschrift in Honor of Harvey and Victoria Bricker. Special Issue of Human Mosaic, Vol. 36, No.1.

n.d. (with C. Hermindez). Astronomers, Scribes, and Priests: Intellectual Interchange between the Northern Maya Lowlands and Highland Mexico in the Late Postclassic Period. Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC. Accepted for publication.

n.d. (with C. Hernandez). Deities, Rituals, and Calendrical Cycles: A New Commentary of the Maya and Borgia Group Codices. Ms. in preparation. Under contract with the University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

n.d. (with M. Macri). The New Catalog of Maya Hieroglyphs. Volume 2: The Codical Texts. University of Oklahoma Press, in press.

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