Why Study French at New College?

As you would expect from one of the country's top undergraduate liberal arts colleges, the French AOC at New College offers courses at all levels of French language, as well as courses and tutorials on French and Francophone literature, both in English translation and in the original. Advanced students are also given the opportunity to work as teaching assistants within the program.

The French Literature course offerings change each year and include surveys and studies of a particular author, genre or theme, from medieval chansons through 21st-century fiction. Recently offered courses include Double Stories: Historic/Heuristic Fictions, World War II France in Film and Fiction, Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, The Twentieth-Century French Novel, The French Renaissance: Humanism and Humor, Twentieth-Century Drama, Literary Movements of the Nineteenth Century, Giving Voice to Identity: Francophone Literatures from the Americas, Beyond the Hexagon: the Politics of Francophone Literature, L’ amour interdit, Le rire à travers les siècles, and Contes et Conteurs.

But, in addition to outstanding coursework, one of the best reasons to study French at New College is the close, personal relationship you will develop with our faculty. More than just teachers, our faculty members act as advisors, mentors and career counselors who will help you hone your analytic, communications and research skills while also assisting you in determining how to apply what you've learned at New College to your future graduate school and professional interests. 



[Did you know?]

New College has a strong record of placing students in prestigious French Government Teaching Assistantships. Since 2007, 17 New College students have traveled to France for post-graduation work as part of this program.

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