A joint search for learning.

New College professors are committed to teaching and mentoring undergraduates. Each student is assigned an adviser, a tenured or tenure-track faculty member, who works with you from Orientation Week to Graduation Day to discuss your progress and help you choose the right classes, projects and study abroad opportunities. Our professors are also active researchers, artists and writers who involve students as collaborators. They often link their research and creative activities to their teaching and involve students in direct hands-on research projects.

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Kim Anderson
Associate Professor of Art

Frank Alcock
Associate Professor of Political Science & Environmental Studies

Anthony P. Andrews
Professor of Anthropology


Uzi Baram
Professor of Anthropology
Director, New College Public Archaeology Lab

Michelle E. Barton
Associate Professor of Psychology

Gordon B. Bauer
Professor of Psychology
Peg Scripps Buzzelli Professorship Chair

Carrie Beneš
Associate Professor of History

Charla Bennaji
Instructor of Spanish Language & Literature

Douglas C. Berggren
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Alfred Beulig, Jr.
Professor of Biology

David K. Brain
Professor of Sociology & Environmental Studies

Virginia P. Bray
Adjunct Instructor of Piano


Charlene Callahan
Professor Emerita of Psychology

Magdalena E. Carrasco
Professor of Art History

Maribeth Clark
Associate Professor of Music

Amy Clore
Associate Professor of Biology

Richard D. Coe
Professor of Economics

Don Colladay
Professor of Physics

Nat Colletta
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science

Tracy M. Collins
Assistant Professor of Economics

Duff Cooper
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods
Director, Quantitative Resource Center

Catherine Cottrell
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Glenn R. Cuomo
Professor of German Language & Literature


Mark Dancigers
Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

Erin Dean
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Lazlo Deme
Professor Emeritus of History

Leo S. Demski
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Andrea Dimino
Associate Professor of English

Justus D. Doenecke
Professor Emeritus of History

Simant Dube
Assistant Professor of Statistics

Rachel Dulin
Adjunct Instructor of Hebrew


Aron Edidin
Professor of Philosophy

Michael Edgerton


Emily Fairchild
Associate Professor of Sociology 
Director, Gender Studies Program

Keith Fitzgerald
Associate Professor of Political Science

April N. Flakne
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Christopher Frost
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology


Jayne Gardiner
Assistant Professor of Biology

Sandra L. Gilchrist
Professor of Biology
Director, Pritzker Marine Biology Research Center

David Gillman
Assistant Professor of Computational Science

Brendan Goff
Assistant Professor of History

Steven Graham
Assistant Professor of Psychology


Heidi Harley
Professor of Psychology
Director, Environmental Studies Program

David Harvey
Professor of History
Chair, Division of Social Sciences

Cris Hassold
Professor of Art History

Karsten Henckell
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Sarah Hernandez
Associate Professor of Sociology

Richard Herzog
Assistant Professor of Sculpture

Barbara Hicks
Professor of Political Science
Director, International Studies Program

Harvey Hyman
Visiting Professor of Computer Science




Gary Kalmanovich
Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Tarron Khemraj

Associate Professor of Economics
Marie Selby Professorship Chair

Margaret Konkol
Visiting Assistant Professor of English

Robert H. Knox, Jr.
Professor Emeritus of English


Sonia N. Labrador-Rodríguez
Associate Professor of Spanish Language & Literature

Douglas C. Langston
Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Travis Lee
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Matthew Lepinski
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Eugene Lewis
Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Hélène Lowe-Dupas
Visiting Assistant Professor of French Language and Literature



Alexandra Maass
Assistant Director of Writing

Andrei Malaev-Babel
Adjunct  Professor of Theater

Susan Marks
Professor of Judaic Studies
Klingenstein Professorship Chair

T. J. H. McCarthy
Associate Professor of History

Elzie McCord, Jr.
Professor Emeritus of Biology

John F. McDiarmid
Professor Emeritus of British & American Literature

Patrick T. McDonald
Professor of Mathematics

Matthew McLendon
Adjunct Instructor of Art History

Alicia Mercado-Harvey
Visiting Assistant Professor of International & Area Studies

Gordon E. Michalson, Jr.
Professor of Humanities

Stephen T. Miles
Professor of Music

Arthur McA. Miller
Professor Emeritus of British & American Literature

David T. Mullins
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Nova Myhill
Associate Professor of English


John R. Newman
Professor of Religion
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of Asian Religions


Brad Oberle
Assistant Professor of Biology

Thomas Olshewsky
Research Scholar, Humanities

Donal O'Shea
Professor of Mathematics


Eirini Poimenidou
Professor of Mathematics

José Alberto Portugal
Professor of Spanish Language & Literature
Pepsico Professorship Chair
Chair, Division of Humanities



Amy Reid
Professor of French Language & Literature

Jack Reilly
Assistant Professor of Political Science

David S. Rohrbacher
Associate Professor of Classics

George Ruppeiner
Professor of Physics

Tyrone Ryba
Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics


Emily Saarinen
Assistant Professor of Biology & Environmental Studies

Paul H. Scudder
Professor of Chemistry

Mariana Sendova
Professor of Physics

Carl Shaw
Associate Professor of Greek Language & Literature

Suzanne E. Sherman
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Xia Shi
Assistant Professor of History
Marian Hoppin Chair of Asian Studies

Steven Shipman
Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry

Frederick Strobel
Professor Emeritus of Economics

Wendy Sutherland
Associate Professor of German Language & Literature




Gabrielle Vail
Visiting Assistant Professor of International & Area Studies

Jocelyn C. Van Tuyl
Professor of French

Maria Vesperi
Professor of Anthropology


Miriam L. Wallace

Professor of English
Director, Gender Studies Program

Katherine M. Walstrom
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Chair, Division of Natural Sciences

Jennifer Wells
Director of Writing

Jessica Williams
Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy

Leymis Wilmott
Adjunct Instructor of Dance

Alina Wyman
Assistant Professor of Russian Language & Literature



Necmettin Yildirim
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Soo Bong Chae Professorship Chair

Sherry Yu
Assistant Professor of Economics


Queen Meccasia ("Mecca") Zabriskie
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Robert Zamsky
Associate Professor of English
Dean of Studies

Jing Zhang
Associate Professor of Chinese Language & Culture

Aijun Zhu
Assistant Professor of Chinese Language & Culture

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