Electronic Music in Code

Mark Dancigers, Visiting Assistant Professor

Course Description:
Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Mark Dancigers, Princeton University Ph.D., will take students on a journey of current electronic music production techniques using an open-source software language called Chuck (developed at Princeton and Stanford). Chuck offers innovative approaches to creating sample-based as well as synthetic sonic textures, while pushing the borders of musical interactivity. It creates an environment for "real time" and "interactive" coding, where the coding process becomes a part of the musical performance. Using Chuck, we will explore possibilities for performing and creating compositions for “laptop orchestra:” a number of laptop-ists working together to make music simultaneously. No coding experience is necessary. Experience playing or writing some music is helpful but not required. Students who have taken Electronic Music at New College are welcome to enroll as this course covers substantially different material. Students will need to have their own laptop computers and a pair of headphones.

What you will learn:
• Computer science, music and creativity
• A rudimentary introduction to coding languages, which students may be able to apply to other fields
• To think about sound and music in unique ways
• To create performances and performance environments and to create compositions and composition environments
• Some familiarity with very current coding language as well as new and exciting ways to envision music and music creation

How you will be evaluated:
Students will create four projects throughout the summer term. These will consist of two "technical" projects of a predetermined nature and two "creative" projects. Every project will be evaluated for programming fluency as well as musical merit. Depending on course outcomes, the class may create a public performance of our work for the end of the summer term.

Number of hours and cost:
2-hour sessions, three times a week plus a 45-minute lab each week for six weeks
Students earn four credit hours per course.
Cost: $753.68 in-state
Cost: $3,312.44 out-of-state

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