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Educate for Change

A Community Initiative of New College & Daughters for Life

About Educate for Change

Educate for Change is an initiative of New College of Florida, Daughters for Life and the community. Young women from across the Middle East will come to New College for a transformational education that will help them become the future leaders their homelands desperately need.

Through Educate for Change, as many as 10 women a year from Middle Eastern countries will attend New College on scholarships that will cover the full cost of tuition, room, board and other academic and living expenses.

The Daughters for Life Scholars will be fully immersed in the New College experience, living and taking classes on the Sarasota campus in pursuit of a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree.

The first Scholars are expected to begin their New College studies in the fall of 2014. Daughters for Life will identify academically qualified candidates from throughout the Middle East, including Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese women.

The Daughters for Life Scholars are chosen for their academic achievements and their commitment to improving the lives of others in their communities. The students will meet New College admission requirements.

Upon arriving at New College, the Scholars will go through the standard orientation program as well as special co-curricular programs that will help these women excel at their studies and develop as leaders. Each of these women will also be paired with a host family, who will provide guidance and support.

As our world becomes more multicultural and interconnected, success will depend on the ability to engage with people whose backgrounds, experiences and perspectives differ from one’s own. Thus, Educate for Change benefits not only the Daughters for Life Scholars, but the New College and local communities as well.

January 2014 E-Newsletter

“Not only will this benefit the women we bring, it will benefit our students from Florida and the United States, who will need to take their place in a multicultural and highly diverse world.”

– Dr. Donal O’Shea, president of New College

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