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"Economics is a method rather than a doctrine, an apparatus of the mind, a technique of thinking which helps its possessor to draw correct conclusions."
- John Maynard Keynes

At New College, our Economics AOC is designed to help you successfully confront the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The emphasis is on providing you with a conceptual framework with which to understand and assess the events and decisions that affect society at large as well as your own personal life. Upon graduation, should you continue on to graduate school or enter the job market? Should Europe abandon the euro? Should the Federal Reserve raise or lower interest rates in order to stabilize the economy? By mastering the tools of economic analysis, you will be able to evaluate questions such as these in a critical and systematic manner.

As an economics student at New College, you will discover that our faculty’s knowledge and expertise translate into rich classroom experiences and provide connections to pursue internships, gain entry into leading graduate programs and successfully launch careers in a host of fields. New College economics students have gone on to graduate school at the London School of Economics, Harvard, Brandeis and Duke, among many others. They lead successful careers as professional economists, entrepreneurs, financial analysts, researchers, teachers and lawyers.  One of them, William Dudley, is currently president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Brilliantly [U]nique. [U]niquely Brilliant.

As part of the State University System of Florida, New College of Florida is one of the few public liberal arts and sciences honors colleges in the United States. We’re known for our record number of Fulbright Scholars (more per capita than Harvard, Stanford or Yale) and for the high rate of our students going on to graduate school. We offer an individualized, thought-provoking and challenging academic experience. What does that mean? Hands-on research conducted side by side with your professors. Small, intimate classes. Detailed narrative evaluations from your professors. Independent study required to graduate. All in a stunning location right on the water in Sarasota, Florida.

[Did you know]

The Wall Street Journal ranked New College the nation’s No. 2 public feeder school for elite, law, medical and business schools in 2003.

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