Student Demographics & Outcomes

Student Diversity
New College of Florida’s full-time student enrollment counts are displayed by gender, race/ethnicity and Federal Pell Grant recipients:

New College of Florida Fall 2011 Enrollment Report – Gender and Race (pdf)
New College of Florida Fall 2011 Enrollment Report - Pell Recipients (pdf)

Transfer Out Report

New College of Florida does not report transfer-out rates. Institutions are required to report transfer-out rates if their missions include providing substantial preparation for students to transfer to another undergraduate institutions. New College of Florida offers four-year baccalaureate degree programs and its mission is not intended to prepare students for additional undergraduate education.

Retention Rates
Undergraduate retention rates are reported as percentage of first-time freshman students returning to the same institution in the fall of their second year. New College of Florida retains approximately 82 percent to 87 percent of its full-time, first-time freshman students in the fall of their second year. The most recent freshman cohort was retained as follows:

• 183 students enrolled in the full-time first-time freshman cohort in the fall 2010
• 86 percent (158 full-time students) returned in the fall of their second year (fall 2011)

For additional information, see New College Fact Books.

Graduation Rates
Graduation rates are reported by percentage of freshman students completing an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in four years, five years and six years. The attached report tracks the New College of Florida undergraduate freshman cohort (first-time, full-time college students) beginning in the fall 2005. The graduation rates are calculated for the entire cohort as well as by gender and race/ethnicity. Graduation rates are also tracked by student groups receiving Federal Pell Grants, subsidized Stafford Loans but not Pell, and neither Pell nor subsidized Stafford Loan.

New College of Florida Fall 2005 Entering Cohort Graduation Rate Report – Gender/Race (pdf)
New College of Florida Fall 2005 Entering Cohort Graduation Rate Report - Pell and Stafford Loan Recipients (pdf)

Job/Grad School Placement
Institutional Research and Assessment conducted an alumni survey study, surveying alumni classes of 1996 through 2007. New College graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce and to continue their training in professional and graduate programs.

• Seventy-one percent of alumni from 1996 to 2006 reported enrolling in at least one graduate or professional program since graduation.

• The graduate/professional school attendance rate for students one year after college (2006 graduates) was 55 percent and five years after college (2002 graduates) was 73 percent. Six years after graduation, graduate and professional school attendance rates were close to or above 80 percent.

• Sixty-one percent of those who reported attending graduate or professional school received some type of financial support; 44 percent received scholarships, a validation of the value of their New College undergraduate training.

Institutional Research and Assessment also administer an annual graduate survey, asking graduates to provide their continuing education and employment information after graduation. The results are summarized in graduating class profile.

For more details about alumni outcomes, please click here.

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