Considerations for Parents

What if my student calls in distress?

Be supportive and open to the information,
Assist in problem solving, but try not to rush to the rescue.

Encourage him/her to visit the Counseling and Wellness Center (941-487-4254).

If your student indicates that they are in immediate danger, contact the Campus Police at 941-487-4210

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Ways to address student concerns:

Wait – and take a breath.
• Give yourself time to process what your student is telling you, and LISTEN

Think carefully about your response.
• A student may fear disappointing you
• Be honest and direct
• Show support and acceptance

Acknowledge their feelings.
• Reflect that you understand how a situation may be difficult for the student
• This is not the time to talk about how it is difficult for you

Acknowledge your own feelings.
• Be honest about your feelings

Take some time.
• If your feelings are too strong to deal with right now, or if your student is too emotional, take time to think about what needs to be discussed and talk in a couple hours.

Keep your discussion as objective as possible.
• Try to listen more than talk at first. Don’t respond yet. Get the facts.

Be rational.
• Try to remain calm and thoughtful about the reality of the situation and options moving forward.

Be clear.
• If there are limits to what you will support, be clear about them.
• If you have expectations moving forward, spell them out.

Utilize your resources.
• Depending on the concern your student has there are several resources on campus which can assist them

Counseling Center
Disability Services
Advisor/Provost Office
Library/Academic Resource Center

Counseling & Wellness Center
5805 Bay Shore Road
New College of Florida
CWC 120
Sarasota, FL 34243

Phone: (941) 487-4254
Fax: (941) 487-4256