Resources in Computer Science

The Jane Bancroft Cook Library at New College is home to a broad assortment of books, scholarly journals, national and international databases, and other print and electronic media related to Applied Mathematics and is available to students throughout the year. 

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Our Math Reading Room provides a place for faculty and students to gather and do mathematics together. This large seminar/study room is used for an active schedule of seminars, presentations, workshops, problem sessions, tutoring and discussions. The Math Reading Room is equipped with a computer that supports many different types of software (Mathematica, Maple, Illustrator and others) and provides Internet access. Beginning and advanced laboratories are equipped with a variety of microcomputers with additional workspace for upper-level students. Recent additions in the areas of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics complement the theoretical areas of algebra, geometry, topology, analysis and theoretical computer science, allowing the faculty to offer a variety of courses and tutorials to challenge students with different backgrounds.

The Quantitative Resource Center (QRC)
 is dedicated to aiding the New College community in working with quantitative matters. The QRC staff provide individual and small group peer tutoring for students needing assistance with various quantitative methods such as basic mathematics and statistics, SAS, SPSS, Excel and others applications.

The Mathematics Seminar has been a longstanding tradition — an open forum for students of all levels interested in mathematics. The purpose of the seminar is to cover interesting or advanced topics in mathematics. Students may present talks about their research or an internship or tutorial experience. The seminar helps students learn how to research literature and use databases to explore topics as diverse as the mathematics of Sudoku to the Google Matrix and more.

Community Service — Each spring our students offer a free Math Clinic at Sarasota’s downtown Selby Public Library. Tutoring is available to all ages on the second level of the library at 1331 First Street, Sarasota, Florida. Students offer free math lessons and advice to people of all ages in Sarasota and Manatee counties to help them sharpen their math skills. The program is particularly popular among area middle school and high school students who need help with algebra, geometry and calculus. The Math Clinic was created by New College Professor of Mathematics Eirini Poimenidou in the late 1990s. The clinic is open to anyone with math-related questions, seeking to overcome a math phobia, looking to return to school but in need of a math refresher, or interested in discussing mathematical topics with fellow enthusiasts.

Since 2007, New College has been working with Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI). LRRI and NCF have established a joint bioinformatics partnership to provide faculty and students research opportunities in the emerging fields of systems biology, bioinformatics and computational biology. This collaboration has opened many doors for students at New College.

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Of all science graduates since 1967 at New College, roughly one-third have earned an M.D. or Ph.D.

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