2014-2015 Club Listing

For question about this listing, contact Vanessa Van Dyke, M.Ed.
Campus Life Coordinator for Student Involvement
Phone: 941-487-4502

Contact: Sarah Elizabeth Amos
Acapellago is New College's very own student-directed acapella chorus.

Aced It
Contact: Briana Brockell  
Aced It is the asexual (not experiencing sexual attraction) student group on campus. We take confidentiality seriously and are open to students who identify as being on the asexual spectrum; this includes asexuality, demisexuality, and grey-asexuality.

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)  
Contact: Olivia Levinson

All Power to the Imagination
Contact: apiconference@gmail.com
API provides an opportunity to discuss how theory and practice can work together to create stronger, more successful social movements. We sponsor an academic conference each spring.

Anarchy Death Sticks:
Contact: Sofia Allison 
Anarchy DeathSticks is a club where people can get together to knit and/or crochet, or even possibly learn to do either.

Animal Interest Club
Contact: Rebecca Paulsen
To promote and provide opportunities for volunteering/internships to students in areas of shelter animals, animals of the homeless/displaced/disabled, feral cats, service dogs, and wildlife conservation. Meets Mondays 4-5 p.m. in HCL 08.

Anime Club
Contact: Brianna Brand

Apollonian Society
Contact: Mary-Madison Smith

Catholic Solidarity
Contact: Adriana Diaz
This is a club for the Catholic students on campus to meet and discuss topics, plan service projects, prayand share with each other.

Chinese Culture Club
Contact: chinesecultureclub.ncf@gmail.com

Contact: Ariel Sartoriamsb
Circle K International (CKI) is an international community service organization for college and university students. The mission of CKI is to involve college students in campus and community service while developing quality leaders and citizens.

Clouds Club
Contact: Jacob Cooley 

College Democrats
Contact: Amanda Bragg  
Our mission is to engage students in political activism on campus and throughout Florida through the Democratic Party.

The Council of Green Affairs
Contact: Adilyne McKinlay 
The Council of Green Affairs meets every week to discuss how to improve the school's eco-footprint. We are a branch of the student government that aims to reduce our energy consumption and reduce our campus' effects on the land it occupies.

Chainmaille Club
Contact: Michelle Lehman 
The Chainmaille Club is a club which provides a social setting for students to both learn how to work with chainmaille and to create pretty things out of little colored rings.

Dungeons and Dragons
Contact: Tyler Freeman

Creative Writing Club
Contact: Tania Russell 
Creative Writing Club is for anyone who has a love or interest in any type of nonacademic writing. It is a place for students to share work and have it critiqued, if they so choose, and to expand on projects they are currently working on or want to work on.

Feminist Alliance
Contact: Victoria Zuber 
The Feminist Alliance is a club that aims to expand members' knowledge of issues pertaining to feminism. The goal of this club is to provide a safe space in order to facilitate constructive, all-inclusive conversation.

Finance Club
Contact: Jacopo Dalmasso 
The Finance Club is a student organization which serves as a bridge between the finance industry and the student population by connecting students with resources and opportunities beyond the classroom.

FnB (Food Not Bombs)
Contact: Bradley Baker 

NCF Flag Football
Contact: Dain Tador

German Club
Contact: David Miller
Students of German can listen to and interact with fluent and native speakers of German. We also celebrate the German language and culture.

Jesus Club
Contact: Adriana Diaz
Jesus Club is comprised of students from Christian backgrounds, however anyone is welcome to come. We meet once a week in the Hamilton Center's Gender and Diversity Center for social time with other students who believe in the Christian faith. We normally hold a Bible study and close in prayer.

Karate Club
Contact: Jenny Wheeler
The Karate Club is a group where students can workout and practice Karate under Sensei JR Ayers.

Kink Positive
Contact: Katherine Mullin 
We provide space and educational resources for interested people to learn more about kink, BDSM and fetish-related topics. We heavily emphasize consent and the physical and emotional safety of all involved. No club event involves sexual contact in any way.

League of Legends Club
Contact: Noah Johnson
The League of Legends club is a place for students to play, view and generally build a community around League of Legends.

Martial Arts Club
Contact: Dalton Collins

Magic the Gathering
Contact: Ian McNair
The New College Magic the Gathering club provides a space for students to congregate over, learn, discussand play Magic: The Gathering.

Model UN
Contact: Lara Herzog 
The Model United Nations educates and trains club members in United Nations official conduct in order to prepare students to participate in Model United Nations conferences.

Mental Health Alliance (formerly Active Minds)
Contact: Arianna Ruolo 
The Mental Health Alliance makes the campus a safe and supportive place by reducing mental health stigma and misunderstandings, promoting positive self-care and education, and spreading useful resources.

Middle East Interest Club
Contact: Leen Alfatafta

NCF Fencers
Contact: Stefan Schalk 
The New College fencing club promotes the Olympic sport in a no-stress, fun environment that is welcoming to everyone (students, staff, faculty and community members) willing to learn.

NCFight Club
Contact: Nicholas Dortch 
The NCFight Club is a space where fight enthusiasts, and those who aspire to become so, can come both to learn the art form and grow as a fighter.

NCF Paintball Club
Contact: Calvin Troutt 
This club subsidizes paintball for New College students and holds events that teach students about paintball.

NCF Slackers
Contact: Blake West 
“The Slacklining Club is a place for students who are interested in slacklining to develop balance and power through social slacklining.

New Body New College
Contact: Anna Rodriguez

New College Hillel
Contact: Dylan Pryor 
New College Hillel seeks to facilitate and invigorate Jewish life on campus with weekly events, carpools to services at local synagogues, Birthright trips and many other exciting opportunities.

New College LARPing Club
Contact: Logan Stames
The LARPing club provides as space for NCF students to engage in Live Action Role Play. They foster a community of those that love LARPing/D&D/Cosplaying, and create a space that allows for wonderful ideas to be turned into playable campaigns.

New College of Florida Bullsharks Dive Club
Contact: Charles Edelson
The New College of Florida Bullsharks is a club for students, alumni and professors who are interested in the sport of scuba diving. It is open to both active divers and those who are interested in learning to dive. The club organizes certification courses and trips to local and travel diving destinations.

New College of Florida Sailing Team
Contact: Sophia Schultz

New College Uglyz
Contact: Barbara Rowe 
The women's and queer person soccer team on campus.

New College Voice Actors
Contact: Christian Ines 
The New College Voice Actors club wishes to extend voice acting awareness on campus, as well as to provide a gathering place for those interested in the practice of voice acting.

Pre-Med Club
Contact: Shelby Hartwell 
This club assists students in the application process for medical school. We discuss coursework, internships, research, volunteer opportunities, MCAT and applying to medical school without grades.

Pre-Vet Club
Contact: Sarah Flax
The purpose of this club is to prepare and educate students about the occupation of veterinary medicine through unique opportunities and learning experiences.

Peer Mediation Club
Contact: Patrick Tonissen

Philosophy Club
Contact: M.gavindietrich@gmail.com
Philosophy club is a space where people can work on the critical thinking and presentation skills though an open air discussion of topics which impact/interest them.

Running Club
Contact: M.gavindietrich@gmail.com
Running Club is a social fitness group oriented around the joys of running. Our activities involve long runs, short runs, charitable runs, fun runs and competitive running. 

Sarasota World Affairs Council
Contact: info@sarasotawac.org

Contact: Ijeoma Uzoukwu
We aim to support nonwhite students and work to educate and promote discussion of racism and the oppression (and privilege) that members of our student body experience. Our meetings are currently "open," which means that white students are permitted to attend and listen to students of color sharing their experiences.

STOP (Students Targeting Oppressive Powers)
Contact: Ijeoma Uzoukwu

Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Contact: Haris (Addie) Peteranecz
SSDP is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society. The purpose is to spread knowledge on the impact the drug war has had on our society and to learn and find ways to help alleviate the issue.

The New Institute of Sushi
Contact: Stefan Schalk
The New Institute of Sushi is a DIY ethos collective of innovators, artists, computer scientists, engineers, and bleeding edge radicals. Together we create sushi out of local, sustainable, and inexpensive ingredients and proceed to disseminate our craft to our fellow comrades in arms against the corporate oligarchy.

Swim Club
Contact: Shelby Hartwell
The Swim Club is an organization which promotes exercise, health and fosters camaraderie through weekly swim practices.

Tennis Club
Contact:  Jinho An 
The Tennis Club is a club designed to give exercise and effective tennis lessons to players of all levels, to create an inclusive community based around tennis, and to create a competitive college tennis team.

Contact: Logan Starnes 
T-Party seeks to promote transgender visibility on campus as well as knowledge and understanding of transgender issues. T-Party open group is open to attendance by trans folks, as well as allies. There is also a closed support group for folks whose identities fall somewhere within the trans umbrella. If interested in attending T-Party closed group, feel free to contact us.

The Ultimate Mastery of Creative Learning Club
Contact: Heath Hawkins 

Unitarian Universalists
Contact: Jessica Loeb 
Unitarian Universalists is a liberal, spiritual and safe community space; welcome to everyone, people of all, any, or no spiritual belief. We also carpool to events at the local UU churches.

Contact: Cassandra Corrado
VOX is the New College voice of Planned Parenthood, which aims to provide safe, positive and inclusive sexual health education to the students of New College.

Windmill Theatre Company
Contact: Erika Folk 
Founded in 2013, The New College Windmill Theatre Company is a nonprofit student-run organization that provides opportunities for theatrical experience in the New College community in all ways, shapes and forms.

Yelling Club
Contact: Paige Leary
This is a club for stress relief; once a week we meet in a location where noise will not be an issue (normally on the Overpass) and yell! Each person generally introduces themselves and states why they are yelling; it could be from stress due to a hard week or upcoming exam, from happiness due to a fortunate happening, or just because they feel like yelling!

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