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Don't be fooled by our small size. The truth is that New College boasts some of the top natural sciences programs in the country, and our Chemistry AOC is no exception. Top faculty combined with small classes and state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment mean that you receive all of the personalized attention of a liberal arts college with resources often available only at the graduate school level.

The 34,000-square-foot Heiser Natural Sciences Complex includes teaching and research labs for chemistry, biochemistry, biology, bioinformatics, computational science, mathematics and physics. A new state-of-the-art Optical Spectroscopy and Nano-Materials laboratory and a research greenhouse are part of the complex. The Heiser Natural Sciences Complex is also home to Soo Bong Chae Auditorium, a tiered lecture hall for the natural sciences named after the longtime New College mathematician.

Our chemistry labs, which include a 24-station teaching lab with transparent fume hoods, are well equipped for organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry projects, as well as for biochemistry and molecular biology. Within them, students have access to research grade instruments like a 60 MHz and a 250 MHz NMR spectrometer, several FTIR and UV-visible spectrophotometers, a fluorimeter, an inert atmosphere glove box, electrochemical equipment, a GC-MS, a room-temperature microwave spectrometer, and a real-time PCR.

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The Division of Natural Sciences hosts a series of lectures throughout the academic year on a variety of topics. The lectures are held at the Heiser Natural Sciences Building's Soo Bong Chae Auditorium.

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