Catherine Elliott

Professor of Economics (Retired 2011)

M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan
B.S., University of Illinois

Professor Elliott is a theoretical microeconomist who enjoys working in the fields of behavioral economics and socio-economics, both of which attempt to draw on other disciplines and non-economic factors to help explain actual behavior. This interdisciplinary approach to the study of decision making, for example, has allowed her to investigate such questions as: What is rational choice? Does learning always lead to knowledge? Why do I do what I do when I know I'll regret it later? Her teaching interests also reflect her enthusiasm for both rigorous theory and understanding real-world behavior.

Selected Publications
Elliott, C.S.
(2010) " Positive versus normative economics: What economists are taught," with Matthew Medina, ERN Philosophy & Methodology of Economics eJournal 1(9), May 26, 2010 (14pp). [Available at SSRN:]

Elliott, C. S. (2009).  "Some indications of limits to framing the policy preferences of the civically engaged: Interplay of social capital, race attitudes, and social justice frames," with K. Fitzgerald, D. M. Hayward, and S. Krasteva, Journal of Socio-Economics, 38(1), 96-103.

Elliott, C. S. (2004). A May American Economic Review papers seminar and an analytic project for advanced undergraduates. Journal of Economic Education, 35(3), 232-242.

Elliott, C. S. (2003). Readings in public finance, S. H. Baker, (2nd ed., pp. 545). Cincinnati, OH: South-Western College Publisher.

Elliott, C.S. (2003). A May AER papers seminar and an analytic project for advanced undergraduates. SSRN (Social Science Research Network) Electronic Paper Collection.

Elliott, C. S. (2003). "A new approach to the study of framing policy preferences," with K. Fitzgerald, and S. Krasteva. Paper presented to the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, 30 pages.

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