New College Promise Campaign Committees

We are grateful to the many volunteers who support The New College Promise Campaign by serving on a committee.

Executive Committee
Felice Schulaner '78 (Campaign Chair)
Bob Johnson (Campaign Vice-Chair)
Christine Jennings
William Johnston
Alexandra Jupin
David Lipsey '71
Dr. Mike Michalson
Jimmy Pritchard '72
Dr. Lou Bertha McKenzie-Wharton
Dr. Richard Wharton

Endowment Committee (Planned Giving)
Chip Gaylor
Patrick Hennigan
Bob Johnson
Christine Jennings
Michael Pender
Charles Raeburn '64

International Studies Building & Peggy Bates Chair Committee
Dr. Lou Bertha McKenzie-Wharton (Co-chair)
Dr. Richard Wharton (Co-chair)
Bob Benedetti
Charles M. Brown
Robert M. Watts

Campaign Marketing Committee
David Lipsey '71 (Chair)
Hazel Bradford '75
Susan Burns '76
Chip Gaylor
Ruth Lando
Keith Monda
Emily Walsh Parry
Alexis Simendinger '75
Barry Stein
Gayle Williams

Charter Class Committee
Thomas R. Todd '64
Kay Todd '64
Esther Barrazone '64
Fay Clayton '64
Charles Raeburn '64
Kathleen Raskin '64

Religion and Ethics Committee

William Johnston
Bob Johnson
Dr. Mike Michalson

The Jane B. Cook Library Committee

Jimmy Pritchard '72 (Chair)
Brian Doherty
BJ Creighton
Renee Hamad
Richard Wires

The New College Foundation
The Keating Center
5800 Bay Shore Road
Sarasota, Florida 34243

Phone: (941) 487-4800
Fax: (941) 487-4680