Campaign Case Description and Breakdown

Scholarships – $20,000,000
The New College Promise will increase scholarship funds available to students from underrepresented communities, especially first-generation, minority and out of state students. Half of New College students require financial assistance.

The Bob Johnson Endowment for Academic Excellence – $10,000,000
As New College’s new unrestricted, permanent fund, The Bob Johnson Endowment for Academic Excellence will fund new academic initiatives, faculty positions, scholarships and research, among other needs through outright and planned gifts.

International Studies Building and Peggy Bates Chair – $8,500,000
The International Studies building will help New College expand the program and integrate it with other areas of study, training new generations of students to address the unique challenges of global interdependence. The Peggy Bates Faculty Chair Endowment cements the college’s commitment to the international arena as a cornerstone of its offerings.

Student and Faculty Research and Travel – $4,000,000
Increased funding for study abroad enables students to broaden the scope of their academic experience and roll up their sleeves to participate in major scientific research and outreach projects. Faculty travel and research grants allows our faculty to pursue their academic interests, conduct ground breaking research and stay at the top of their field.

Endowed Faculty Chairs – $10,000,000
Endowed Chairs are an important part of New College’s strategic goal to build and maintain our world-class faculty. Endowed professorships and chairs help New College attract highly sought-after professors and reward current faculty members who educate and inspire at the highest level. Priority Faculty Chairs include: Religion & Ethics, International Studies, Environmental Studies, Environmental Chemistry, Marine Ecology, Economics, Cognitive Science, Chinese/Asian Studies, Performance Studies, Music and Art History.

The Jane B. Cook Library Endowment – $5,000,000
Through the campaign, New College will endow the Dean of the Library Chair, establish named funds to support the acquisition of books and electronic collections and will support the growth of the library’s Academic Resources Center.

The New College Promise Annual Fund - $2,500,000
The New College Promise Annual Fund gifts support current year operations (July 1 - June 30), including financial aid, faculty positions, faculty and student research, and vital institutional support.

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