Senior Thesis Projects in Biopsychology

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Biopsychology:

“An Overview of the Psychology and Biology of Schizophrenia” by Rachel Mintz

“Cognition and Memory in the Goldfish (Carassius auratus): A Study Exploring the Novel Serotonin Antagonist, SB-258585” by Nick Mackin

“Optimal Metacontrast Masking of Chromatic Stimuli with and without Luminance Cues” by Beverly Fortner 

“Sex and Age-based Differences in the Hunting Behaviors of Schizocosa Spiders (Araneae:Lycosidae)” by Heather Lynn Bunker

“Vocal Productions of Rhythms by the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)” by Sara E. Crowell

“Whistle Production Rates in a Group of Male Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) Over Changes in Composition” by Julia H. Orth

“The Identification of Cocaine-Induced Changes in the Human Monocyte Proteome Using Isotope-Coded Affinity Tags” by John W. Phillips

“Human Reproduction” by GeorgAnna Thorpe

“Localization of Relaxin in the Reproductive System of the Male Bonnethead Shark, Sphyrna tiburo” by Cristal Ange

“Qualifying and Quantifying Reintroduction Success: A Discussion of Three Influential Interdisciplinary Criteria” by Danielle Babski

“Tool Use in River Otters (Lutra canadensis)” by Ann Elizabeth Klega

“On the Delayed Maturation of the Adolescent Brain: Cognitive Refinement and Social Development” by Mary Woods

“Studies in Ocular Dominance in Optokinetic Nystagmus” by David Beardslee Schwartz

"Spatial Behavior in the Fish Species, Haemulon plumieri: Laboratory and Field Investigations" by Christin Taylor Murphy

"Chimpanzee Laughter: Are Acoustic Variations Dertermined by Context?" by Nadia Stegeman 

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