Biopsychology Faculty

Gordon Bauer
Professor of Psychology
Peg Scripps Buzzelli Professor of Psychology (941) 487-4394

Ph.D., University of Hawaii
M.S. Bucknell University
B.A., M.A., George Washington University

Professor Bauer is a biological psychologist specializing in animal sensory processes, cognition and behavior. He is currently studying vision, touch, and hearing of manatees, imitation and hearing by dolphins, hearing of loggerhead turtles, and behavior of humpback whales. He teaches courses in biological psychology, sensation and perception, animal learning, and statistics.

Alfred Beulig, Jr.
Professor of Biology (941) 487-4374

Ph.D., City College of the City University of New York
B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin

Professor Beulig specializes in vertebrate biology, animal behavior, behavioral ecology, coral reef ecology and neurobiology. His current research is in the area of psychoneuroimmunology. This emerging field centers around the interactions among the endocrine, nervous and immune systems that control behaviors to prepare the organism to withstand stress and involves "mind-body" phenomena. He is using marine organisms including fish as model systems to study the evolution and function of these mechanisms. Recently, he has been investigating the effects of chronic stress on cognition.

He teaches courses in organismic biology, animal behavior, neurobiology, immunobiology and coral reef ecology as well as the vertebrate section of the general biology course.

Professor Beulig is also involved in marine ecology and conservation in Central America. Under the auspices of the Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation, (ITEC) he teaches a field course in coral reef ecology during the summer in Panama.

Sandra L. Gilchrist
Professor of Biology (941) 487-4377 (office) or (941) 487-4596 (lab)

Ph.D., Florida State University
M.S., Old Dominion University
B.S., Florida State University

Professor Gilchrist serves as the director of the Pritzker Marine Biology Research Center and has broad research interests in population biology of invertebrates.  She has focused her work on crabs and their interactions with other organisms, concentrating research questions about resource use.  Most recently, she has worked on questions about interactions between octopuses and hermit crabs in reef and seagrassenvironments.  She also works with terrestrial invertebrates such as mangrove tree crabs and land hermit crabs.  Her program in Honduras allows students to experience research abroad on a variety of organisms and systems.  She has worked with her students on genetics of coral diseases and of wound healing in marine invertebrates.
She teaches a variety of courses including invertebrate zoology, mangrove ecology, and oceanography. Her broad training in biology and oceanography allows her to support tutorials and internships from feeding behavior of octopuses to work aboard open water research vessels.  She and her students present their work regularly at professional conferences.
Biology professor Sandra Gilchrist was a part of a NOAA grant that brought enhancements to the marine center and helped support the beginnings of community outreach in marine studies.  She received grants from the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program for K-12 teacher workshops and a summer science program for underprivileged middle school students to learn about the marine environment.  She also spearheaded a gift from the AT&T Foundation to expand the College’s marine science program for elementary and middle school children from low-income families.

Heidi Harley
Professor of Psychology
Director of Environmental Studies (941) 487-4328

B.A. Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder
M.A., Ph.D. Psychology, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Professor Harley teaches courses in cognitive psychology and comparative cognition. Her research focuses on cognitive processes in dolphins.

[Did you know?]

People don't have a good estimate of the size of a dolphin's vocal repertoire because they produce so many different kinds of sounds.

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