Biopsychology Curriculum

Typically, a student concentrating in Biopsychology at New College emphasizes biology or psychology but takes a significant number of courses in the second discipline.

Core courses include General Biology, Introductory Psychology, Animal Behavior, Cognitive Psychology, Statistics, and Biological Psychology after which students can select among advanced classes in Animal Learning, Comparative Cognition, Sensation and Perception, Neurobiology, Neuroanatomy, Coral Reef Ecology, and more.

All students should also take a lab or methods course that provides them with the skills to work with their thesis sponsor. Most students take labs in both disciplines. Labs offered in biology include Animal Behavior, Neurobiology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Neuroanatomy. Labs offered in psychology include Comparative Cognition, Introduction to Comparative Cognition, and Animal Behavior Processes. Besides the above listed courses and labs, many students in Biopsychology, particularly at the advanced level, take additional courses that reflect their specific interests and goals. Such courses are determined in consultation with the students faculty advisor and with Biopsychology faculty.

Most students also participate in internships.

Here is a list of recent course offerings in Biopsychology:

New College offers an extensive number of courses in Biology, Neurobiology and Psychology, many of which are appropriate for students studying Biopsychology. Rather than list those courses here, we encourage you to visit the curriculum pages for each of these disciplines using the links below:


You can also view a complete list of course offerings by semester by clicking here.

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