Why Study Biology at New College?

It’s difficult to find a better college to study Biology. New College is one of the only public liberal arts honors colleges in the nation, and we’re located on Sarasota Bay in a subtropical environment that gives our students unique access to what some call field research and what we call a living laboratory.

Because of our location on Sarasota Bay, we can involve our students in dozens of hands-on learning experiences without leaving campus. But our faculty also has deep connections to the greater community, the state and the nation, providing our students with unique access to internships, tutorials, independent study projects and study abroad opportunities. Our unique academic structure allows faculty to try new teaching techniques and engage you in research and in higher levels of inquiry, including classes and tutorials that emphasize both hands-on research projects as well as reading and analyzing primary literature.

As a Biology student, you will build critical thinking, writing and research skills by beginning with course work in General Biology. A well-rounded biologist builds on basic concepts with study in core areas:

• Ecology
• Cell and developmental biology
• Organismal biology
• Genetics

You will build that core through courses supplemented by lab tutorials, internships and seminars, all designed to give you an opportunity to shape your interests. Your studies also will include introductions to physics, chemistry and calculus, as part of building a broad basis in science. Studying statistics and a modern language other than English make important contributions to a biologist's education.

With that foundation in place, our flexible curriculum can accommodate your special interests and needs. Faculty regularly offers sub-disciplines such as marine biology, neurobiology and environmental studies.

In Marine Biology, your courses will include Coral Reef Ecology, Fish Biology, Methods of Field Ecology and Animal Behavior, and study at a marine field station. Neurobiology combines courses in Neurobiology, Vertebrate Neuroanatomy and Brain Behavior and Evolution with labs or courses in neurobiology from the New College Department of Social Sciences. In Environmental Studies, you will study field methods, case studies, theory and science of rainforests, tree canopies, coral reefs and other ecosystems.

As you focus your interests, you will undertake one or two independent study projects (ISPs) and a senior thesis. Upon completion, your Biology AOC at New College will haven given you an understanding of the life of a cell, an organism and an ecosystem, and the skills you need to succeed both in graduate school and beyond.


24 New College graduates have been named National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows, one of academia's most prestigious awards.

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