Why Study Biochemistry at New College?

Like our Chemistry program at New College, our Biochemistry AOC encourages and develops independence, scientific judgment and a high level of performance. As a Biochemistry student, you will work closely with faculty trained at leading universities and conducting engaging and relevant research. With their guidance, you will develop the skills needed for scientific research in academia and industry.

You will also work with state-of-the-art, research-grade instruments, including our real-time PCR instrument, fluorimeter, UV-visible spectrophotometers, electrophoresis equipment, visible and fluorescent microscopes, and more.

As a student in Biochemistry, you will complete three independent study projects, two in any subject and one in Chemistry or Biochemistry, and a Biochemistry senior thesis, a project in which you will do graduate-level work. You will receive extensive mentoring from faculty members, from formulating your project to performing bench work in the laboratory to examining the results.

And you can expect your professors to provide the counseling and recommendations you need as you move on from New College, either to the high-level graduate programs our students consistently attain or to a career in industry, medicine, or other professional fields.


New College faculty members in Chemistry and Biochemistry have doctorates from University of Wisconsin, MIT, Berkeley and Cornell University and have earned grants from a variety of national and international agencies.

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