Senior Thesis Projects in Art History

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Art History:

Beyond Decorative?: Painted Images of the Woman as Part of The Cult of Domesticity” by Eugenie Fortier

Paint Her Like One of Your French Girls: The Rise And Plummet of Sappho's Creative Reputation from 1775 To 1846” by Sherise Gamble

Counteracting Symptoms of Emotional Suppression with Artistic Expression” by Katherine Evarts

Transubstantiation through Time: Peter Paul Rubens's "Triumph of the Eucharist" Tapestry Series and "The Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek"” by Sarah Schlosser

La Perspectiva de Otra Ribdera: The Grotesque Aethetic in Francisco de Goyas Los Capricnos and Ramón Maria de Valle-Incians Esperpento” by Zoe Mirziai

Artistic Partnerships: Intimacy and Inequality” by Natale Van Dine

Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Homes in the Early 20th Century” by Sarah Brainard

Anti-Androgyne: Feminist Analysis of the Fin-de-Siecle Androgyne and the Hermaphrodite as a Radical Queer Employment in Visual Culture” by Lauren Ondercin Edwards

Hans Baldung Grien's Witches' Sabbath and Fall of Man: Intersection of the Secular and the Sacred” by Eleanor A. Cecconi

Weimar Women: (De)constructing Urban Identities in the Art of Women Realists” by Mackenzie Karp

"La Donna Terribile:" Artemisia Gentileschi's Judith Paintings” by Katherine Beggs

Alchemy and Hieronymus Bosch” by Samantha Maederer

"Breaking the Frame"” by Katherine Peterson

The Body as Costume: The Art of Claude Cahun and Cindy Sherman” by Katelyn Weissinger

OoooOO0ooOOOoooo0O0ze” by Eugenia Semjonova

The History of History Painting in Nineteenth-Century France: From Classical Allusions to Painting of Everyday Life” by Mary Brink

Off with Their Heads!': Judith and Salome Revisited an Iconographical Study of Biblical Decapitations from the Medieval to Modern Periods” by Elizabeth Renes

Visions and Revisions: Women's Identity in Early Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Art” by Anne Marie Newman

A Methodological Approach to the Study of the Imperial Panels of San Vitale, Ravenna” by Helena Dean

Beyond Sensual Truth: Käthe Kollwitz's Reconstruction of Maternity in Art” by Katrine Elizabeth Solli

Dermatography and the Chemical Composition of Tattoo Pigments” by Matthew Ramsey

Inanimate Abjections: Configuring Identity in the Work of Hans Bellmer, Cindy Sherman, and Mike Kelley” by Lauren O'Neill-Butler

Glass Inlayed Gravestones: Historical Archaeology of Irish Funerary Folk Art” by Shannon Dunn

Performing the Grotesque: Identity and Abjection in the Work of Paul McCarthy and Cindy Sherman” by Chloe Johnson

Bad Boy[s]: The Image of Women in the Works of Three Postmodern Male Artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francesco Clemente, and David Salle” by Annie Nelson

Uncompromising Travesity: Caravaggio, Homosexuality and Interpretation” by James Glisson

Middling Notions: The Visual Representation of English Identity, 1760-1800” by Britt Bailey Dunn

Nihonga: The Rebirth of Japanese Style Painting in Meiji Japan” by Phoebe Bishop

Body/Politic: Sculptural Representations of the Ideal Male Body as a Metaphor for the State in Nazi Germany” by Jessica Willis

Subversion or Sell Out? Possibilities for Resistance in Media-Influenced, Public Political Art” by Pooja Gehi

Critiquing the Critics: Gendered and Sexualized Interpretations of Georgia O'Keeffe's Artwork” by Andrea Bailey Cox

Re-(Dis)Covering History and Subjectivity: The Artwork of Carrie Mae Weems” by Ginger Hill

Fabric(ated) Bodies:The Empty Dress in Art and Culture” by Nicole Archer

From Midway to Museum: The Evolution of the Image of the Freak” by Amy DaSilva

Indices of Authority, Contested Corporealities: Figurations of the Wounded World War I Soldier in Weimar Germany” by Jessen Kelly

Image of the Other Outside: Social Alienation and Self-Imposed Isolation in the Work of Walter Inglis Anderson” by Jennifer Lemmer

Crossing the Border, Finding the Great Wall:A Look at Two Mural Artists of Mexican Heritage in Los Angeles (1932-1983)” by Jesse Card Potterveld

A Look at Chilean Women's Art, 1973-1990” by Robin Stockseth

The Commodification of Women in the Advertising Posters of Alphonse Marie Much and Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec” by Shannon Duskin

A Comparative Analysis of the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Bauhaus” by Asha Natalie Wedeking

Contemplative, Corporeal and Charismatic: Saint Catherine of Alexandria in the Belles Heures” by Ali Givens

French Feminism and Representations of a Feminine Self” by Sara Weber

Stein as Cubist: Comparative Analysis of Gertrude Stein's Writing Techniques with Cubist Painting Techniques” by Jeffrey T. Pittman

The Displacement and Rearticulation of the Gaze within Nineteenth-Century Art” by Karen Stock

Milk, Blood, and Tears: Maternal Images of the Virgin in Art of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries” by Carla Leonore Funk

Postmodern Art and the Politics of Representation: An Exhibition” by Sharon Corwin

Pains, Pleasures, and Puns: Women Artists of the 70s Reclaim the Female Body” by Lissa A. McClure

Surrealism & Phenomenology: The Surrealists' Counter-Discourse within Modernism” by John A. Sindelar

Max Ernst's Une Semaine de bonté: A Model of the Freudian Unconscious” by Samantha Kavky

The Desires of Egon Schiele and Georges Bataille” by Jennifer Belt

Jim Dine: A Crisis of Identity” by Peter Tush

The Role of the Spectator in the Art of Jasper Johns” by Valerie Gutchen

Mariology in Early Netherlandish Painting” by Jane Schenk

Renaissance and Invention in Nineteenth Century Metz: An Iconographic Study of the Drogo Sacramentary” by Erin Valerie Loftus

Raphael's School of Athens: A Work of the High Renaissance Classical Style” by Claire Robinson

A Bibliographic Introduciton to Female Painters, Sculptors, and Composers of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries” by Janice Wilke

A Stylistic and Iconographic Study of Michelangelo's Last Judgment” by Lynne Berggren

In Search of the American Carpenter Gothic” by David Murray

An Analysis of the Approaches to Art History: E. H. Gombrich and Herbert Read” by Susan Slocum

Human Experience and Visionary Landscapes in English Romantic Art” by Brian Lukacher

The Enigma of Metaphysical Reality: A Comparative Study of Paintings by Arnold Bocklin, Georgio de Chirico and Yves Tanguy” by Cheri Belz

The New Spirit of Domestic Architecture in Late Nineteenth Century England: A Study of C. F. A. Voysey and M. H. Baillie Scott” by Joanne Martin

Surrealist Imagery: Iconography or Personal Symbolism?” by Judy Schatz

Schizophrenia and the Artist: Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, Richard Dadd, and Ernst Josephson” by Lori McGeehan

An Introductory Study of the Abstract Expression of Robert Motherwell” by Prudy Tuttle

Landscape Prints of Ukiyo-E: Katsushika Hokusai and Ichiryusai Hiroshige” by Susan L. Biringer

Cheyenne Ledger Art from the National Anthropological Archives” by A. Amanda Brown

Five Precursors to Symbolist Painting: Moreau, Redon, Puvis de Chavannes, Burne-Jones, Rops” by Carol L. Gaskin

The Descent of Mary: A Study in the Evolution of the Mother Goddess” by Sam Howell

Evolving Traditions in Contemporary American Art: The Washington School of Color Painters” by Susan D. Jenson

Expression in Germany with Selections from The Blue Rider Almanac” by Katherine Hickish Manasian

Three Masters of Modern Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe; A Comparison with Emphasis on Domestic Architecture” by Catherine Wells

Monumental Sculpture of the Maya Civilization” by Diana von Reutter

The Evolution of Functionalism and the Bauhaus (1919-1928)” by Hilary Blocksom

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