Mathematics Faculty

Karsten Henckell
Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science (941) 487-4387

M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
B.A., University of Hamburg

Professor Henckell teaches courses in computation theory, artificial intelligence, discrete math and calculus. He has published several articles in the International Journal of Algebra and Computation on aperiodic pointlikes, stable pairs, and ordered and idempotent pointlike sets.

Patrick T. McDonald
Professor of Mathematics (941) 487-4375

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S., M.S., The Ohio State University

Professor McDonald’s research centers on partial differential equations, microlocal analysis and geometry. His published work includes results concerning analytic surgery, analytic torsion, infinite dimensional Morse theory, statistics, geometric aspects of Brownian motion, spectral geometry and over determined boundary value problems. His most recent results are in mathematical physics, where he works on Lorentz violating field theories and quantum gravity and mathematical biology, where his work centers on microtubule dynamics. He enjoys teaching analysis, probability, geometry and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

David T. Mullins
Associate Professor of Mathematics (941) 487-4378

M.S., Ph.D., Stanford University
B.A., New College of the University of South Florida

Professor Mullins’ research centers on low-dimensional topology. He enjoys teaching algebraic topology, knot theory, point set topology, and dynamical systems, as well as more classical mathematics. As a New College alumnus, he is active in student life and has outside interests in all card games, pool and computers. 

Eirini Poimenidou
Professor of Mathematics (941) 487-4379

M.S., Ph.D., University of Warwick (U.K.)
B.S., University of Reading

Professor Poimenidou is an algebraist whose research interests are in the areas of group theory and algebraic combinatorics. She enjoys teaching the abstract algebra sequence, graph theory, linear algebra, number theory and gems of mathematics. A strong proponent of the power of mathematics, she wants to encourage mathphobes to take a math class at New College. She enjoys origami, photography and exploring visual mathematics.

Necmettin Yildirim
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Soo Bong Chae Professorship Chair (941) 487-4214

Ph.D., Ataturk University
M.Sc., Dumlupinar University
B.Sc., Middle East Technical University

Professor Yildirim is an applied mathematician whose research is on mathematical modeling of biological systems with a focus on regulatory biochemical networks. Although many intracellular regulatory networks have been extensively studied using advanced experimental techniques, it has turned out to be quite difficult to make predictions about how individual components are assembled and dynamically regulated, and how the behavior of metabolism as a whole are related with the properties of the individual parts. Dr. Yildirim is interested in development of quantitative mathematical models that are comparable with experimental data to address such questions. Before coming to New College, Professor Yildirim held postdoctoral positions at UNC-Chapel Hill and McGill University.


About 80% of our alumnae/i go to graduate or professional school within six years of graduation.

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