Senior Thesis Projects in Anthropology

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Anthropology:

 “Ethnographic Cinema in the 21st Century” by Jacqlyn Bender

“Silver and Gold: Victorian Masculinities of the Nineteenth-Century American West” by Elizabeth T. Bennett

“Archaeology Rolls into the Public Sphere: An Introduction to Florida Public Archaeology Network's Archaeocart” by Rozalyn E. Crews

“The Ethical and Practical Limitations of the Use of Anthropology in The Military” by Morgan Dolan

“Parallel Kinship in Nihon Buyo” by Dominique Ghirardi

“May All Its Days be Circus Days: An Enthnographic Exploration of Circus in Sarasota, Fl” by Chrystal E.I. Kersey

“Contra Dance : An Example of Fully Participatory Dance Performance in the United States” by Julie Allison Lado

“The Colors that Bind: Dyeing and Natural Dyes in Maya Textiles” by Kristen Michelle Leahy

“Constantly Varied/Highly Functional: An Exploration of Ethnographic Filmmaking in the Digital Age” by Nicholas Manting Brewer

“Organizational Culture, Emotional Labor, and the Work Role of Mental Health Case Managers in a Managed Care Company” by Justin Mihalick

“The Shaft Caches of Structure 4 at Blue Creek, Belize: An Analysis of the Archaeological Evidence and Symbolism of the Feature and its Presumed Interment Ceremony” by Lyssabeth C. Pedersen

“Creating an Interactive Past: Digital Technologies for Public Representation of Archaeological Sites and Artifacts” by Alexis Santos

“A Giant's Strength: A Multisited Spatial Biography in 19th Century Florida” by Elizabeth Ann Usherwood

“A Blaze In The Northern Sky - A Symbolic Analysis of Ethnicity in the Early Norwegian Black Metal Scene 1986-1997” by Eric Van de Castle

“The Enduring Landscape the Archaeology of Seminole Ethnogenesis in West-Central Florida” by Michael Wass

“At the Liaison's Gates: Spirit and Security in Hong Kong” by Benjamin Goodman

“The Linguistic Construction of Ethnic Identity in a Greek-American Community” by Natalie Boyd

“Embodying the Holy Spirit A Phenomenology of Tongues” by Jake Elrod

“"Ich Kenne Jeden Stein Mit Vornamen" History, Heritage, and Discourses of Power in Schwabisch Hall, Baden-Wurttemberg” by Dylan Bailey Howard

“What Do the Textbooks Say? An Anthropological Study of Highschool American History Curriculum Content” by Chelsea Montgomery

“A resource for Harmony: An Etunographic Study of Exhibition, Heritage, and Race at Family Heritage House Museum, Bradenton, Florida” by Christina Chavez

“Toxic Entanglements: Florida's Farmworkers and the Fight for Environmental Justice” by Samuel Chillaron

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free: An Examination of Refugee Resettlement in the United States” by Jessica Certain

“An Anthropology of Remembering: Queer Theory, Collaborative Archaeology, & the Apalachea past” by Lee Bloch

“The Great Ringling: A Cristical Archaeology of Cad'zan in Sarasota, Florida” by Michael Sanderson

“MADRE: An Ethnographic Study of Feminism, Social Change and Women's Human rights” by Erica Lindegren

“Handling Sushi: People and Places of a Transnational Cuisine” by Mark Wilco

“Fresh from the Grove: Ethnographic Research in Florida's Citrus Industry” by Miranda Rosalynne Bailey

“Not Everything in its Path: Confusion and Coping on the Bolivar Penninsula after Hurricane Ike” by Mary Barnes

“Nomadic Pastoralism in Mongolia's Age of the Market” by James William Birmingham

“Conservation and Restoration in Archaeology: Practical Complexities in the Implementation of International Agreements” by Alana Boynton

“Sacred Pathways: The Importance of Caves in Maya Ritual and Ideology” by Karin Camila Boynton

“Representing Rwanda: Anthropology's Role in Witnessing Genocide” by Kaitlyn Collins

“Moving Upstream: Domestic Violence Prevention Initiatives in a Community-Based Advocacy Organization” by Myranda Pierce

“(No) Incidents of Travel in Yucatan: An Investigation of the Talk in Piste, Mexico, Revolving Around the Influenza Phenomenon of 2009” by Justin Quinn

“Cultivating Community: An Ethography of Orange Blossom Community Garden” by Anastasia Sallen

“Tibetan Buddhist Autobiography: 18th Century To Present” by Theresa Sellers

“Recovering The Temple Mount: The Politics of Place, Memory and Identity” by Britney Summit-Gil

“Traditional Place and Feminist Space: The Japanese Tea Ceremony Makes Room for Empowerment” by Morgan Boecher

“Where We've Been, Where We're Going: Feminist Voices in Anthropology” by Roxanne Sawhill

“People Helping People: Community, Identity, Memory, and Place at the Senior Friendship Center” by Loren Mora

“FRAMING GRAFFITI: Walls as Sites/Sights of Resistance to the Regulation of Public Space” by Alexa Anderson

“Shopping for Ornaments at the "Ornament of All Galilee": Zippori National Park in Israel and the Global Phenomenon of Heritage Tourism” by Lisa Avron

“Constructing a Public Archaeology at Historic Spanish Point in Osprey, Florida” by Steven Garte-Wolf

“Diving Into a Mirror of Light: A Diachronic Exploration of Cenotes” by Jessica Anne Wheeler

“WAS BEDEUTET BIO FUR EUCH? Exploring Collaborative Research on a Demeter Farm in Germany” by Lee Ellen Reed

“Looking East: Muslim Identity in the Archaeological Record of American Enslavement” by Kacie Allen

“Soteriology as a Gift System: Religious Practice Among the First Tibetan Buddhist Nun Scholars” by Junmei Georgia Kashnig

“Difficult Hope: An Ethnography of the Bread and Puppet Theater” by Austin McCann

“Hnahnu Immigrants, Soccer, Mexican/Latino Business, and Power” by Jose Manuel Godinez Samperio

“Radio Silence: Paradoxes in Audioethnography at Tallevast, FL” by Sam Greenspan

“Perspectives on Game Use in Three Populations: An Ethnographic Study of the World of Warcraft” by Kathleen McAuley

“Powers of Invisibility: An Ethnographic Study of Copy Editors and Journalistic Objectivity” by Kara Phelps

“Fuzion Dance Artitists: An Ethnography” by Jenna Virgo

“Whose Development in 'Theatre for Development'?: Donors, Directors, and Local Participation in a South African Non-Governmental Organization” by Laine Forman

“Myths, Floods and Archaeology of the Ancient Middle East” by Jennifer Sullivan

“Anthropology and Phenomenology of Birth” by Claire Michelsen

“The Paradox of the Fiesta de los Diablitos: Tradition and Change Among the Boruca of Costa Rica” by Martin Louis Gibbs

“The Five Points of the Pentacle: Pagan Identity in Sarasota Florida” by Story L. L. M. D. Boyle

“The Academy: Men, Practice and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” by Walker Kahn

“Out in the Woods: Performances of Self and Play in Landscapes of Queerness and Community” by John David Kelley

“The Archaeology of Paradox: The Evolution of Social Policy and Cultural Resource Management in China” by Jen Stubbs

“The Neo-Evolutionary Classificatory System and its Application to Societies on the Theshold of Statehood” by Eleanor Vekert

“The Canvas as a Common Ground: Cross-Cultural Communication through Indigenous Art in Australia” by Katie Steen

“An Ecological Anthropology of the Israeli National Water Carrier” by Mitchell Gomez

“Mending Broken Lives: Recovery among Argentina's Family Members of the 'Disappeared'” by Timothy Murray

“The Ethiopian Jewish Community: Transition and Change in Israel” by Miriam Schwartz

“Ancient Adventures in a Newly Constructed Past Exploring the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida” by C. Tara Ingram

“Imagining 'Home': An Ethnography of a U.S. Expatriate Community in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico” by Jamie Marisa Samowitz

“Tea Tasting: A Historic-Anthropological Study of Tea Cultivation and Commodification” by Christine E. Savage

“Community, Service, and Spirituality: An Ethnography of Zen Hospice Project Volunteers” by Craig Schuetze

“Gendered Archaeology of the God Pan on Cyprus” by Sarah Mullersman

“Food for Thought: American Jewish Identity and the Role of Food” by Elizabeth Berman

“The Casa de Theresa: An Ethnography of an HIV/AIDS Day Shelter in Sarasota, FL” by Danielle Quinn Beiling

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