Life After New College: Employment

Novo Collegians have followed career paths as diverse and rewarding as you can imagine. They are entrepreneurs, academics, politicians, doctors, writers, teachers, researchers, social activists, economists and inventors. Our graduates prove time and again the value of a New College degree and the almost infinite career possibilities open to liberal arts graduates. As one alum stated, “New College taught me how to learn and think. I use this everyday both in making personal and professional decisions.”

A Sampling of Graduates and Their Careers

The New College Alumnae/i Association recently profiled its database of over 2,500 alums who had graduated since 1967. Here are the major fields in which they worked:

Pie chart NCF alumni work

A survey of New College alums who graduated between 1996 and 2007 tells us a lot about where they work and how their careers relate to what they studied. The majority of alums commented that their New College experience contributed extensively to their development of critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity and potential, as well as writing skills.

• 70% reported being employed full-time, part-time or self-employed. Overall, 95% were employed or pursuing graduate-level education.

• 80% of their careers were related to the Area of Concentration at New College. The most popular industries were Education, Professional & Business Services and Health Services.

• Biology majors were employed primarily in health, education, the professions and government.

• Psychology majors were employed primarily in health, the professions and education.

• Literature majors were employed mostly in education (50%), communications, the arts and government.

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