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Check this site often for updates and forms needed to get you ready for the start of the Fall semester. 

Paying Your Enrollment Deposit (Due May 1 -- unless you've been granted an extension for a later date)
Academic Advising Questionnaire (Due June 6)
Complete Your Course Requests (Due June 12)
New Student Housing Application (No deposit required. Due June 21)
FERPA Release Waiver (Due June 30)
Parent and Guardian Contact Form (Due June 30)
Financial Aid and Title IV Form (Due June 30)
Register for New Student Orientation (Deadline is June 30)
Immunization Form (Due June 30)
Residency Declaration Form  (Due July 15)
Final High School Transcript (Due July 15)
Final Dual Enrollment Transcripts (Due July 15)
Final College Transcripts  (Due July 15)
Transition to College Writing Survey (Due Aug. 24)

June 2015 Orientation Mailing
June 2015 Orientation Newsletter
2015-2016 Estimated Cost of Attendance
DE/Transfer Credit
Liberal Arts Curriculum Guide 
Meal Plans
Packing List
2015-2016 Academic Calendar
Useful Contact Information
Preferred Name Form

Important Information:
Paying Your Enrollment Deposit
Secure your spot in the fall class. Make New College your future home by submitting your deposit today.

Financial Aid
Have you applied for federal financial aid?  Click here.
Were you selected by the U.S. Department of Education for Verification? Click here
If so, you may need:
-- Verification checklist
-- Dependent verification worksheet

Other verification forms 2015-2016
1) Child Support Paid - Dependent Student
2) Citizen or Eligible Non-Citizen Verification Form
3) FAFSA Discrepancy Form
4) High School Completion Status
5) Other Untaxed Income Form
6) Parent Asset Verification Form

Paying for your College Education
Learn what is needed by the Business Office to discuss your account with your parents or others; how and when to pay for your education.

Just the Facts Brochure
Helpful information related to financial aid, payments and billing, terminology and more!

Retaining an Offer of Admission
Our requirements to keep your offer of admission.

Residential Life
Welcome home. Click to find the answers to your commonly asked questions and see photos and floor plans of the residence halls.

Course Offerings
View current and past course offerings to see all the exciting possibilities, as well as the 2015-2016 academic calendar.

Academic Advising
Learn how to choose your classes and get your academic advisor.

Student Life
Learn about the many student activities, student groups and volunteer opportunities on and off-campus.

Life after New College
Learn much more about the many doors that open for our graduates.

Alum Helpers (excel file) or PDF file
Contact an alum to hear their unique perspective.

Campus Police
Review important safety information and learn about the services Campus Police provides to the New College community.

Information Technology
Learn more about your New College email address, computer specifications and the wireless networks on campus.

Get Connected, Stay Connected
Meet your admissions counselor, information for guidance counselors, check out our student blogs, join our Facebook group, meet our Student Admissions Representatives (STARs), and find out when we are coming to a town near you.

View the important, mandatory immunizations and learn about the many services available at our Counseling & Wellness Center.

Disability Services
For general information on support services for students with disabilities.

Off-Campus Study and Study Abroad
It is never too early to start planning for a semester or year abroad or at another U.S. institution. Learn more about planning for success, academically and financially.

Learn more about our library services by looking at our First-Year Students Guide. Before arriving on campus, Meet the Librarians.

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Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
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Phone: (941) 487-5000
Admissions Fax: (941) 487-5001
Fin Aid Fax: (941) 487-5010