3D Modeling & 3D Printing

Richard Herzog, Assistant Professor

Course Description:
Under the tutelage of Assistant Professor of Sculpture Richard Herzog, students will learn to model and create objects using computer software and print them using 3D printing technology. Students will be introduced to two different 3D modeling freeware programs, Blender a NURBS (non-uniform rational basis-spline) platform which is commonly used in generating mathematical models and creating technical and architectural drawings and Sculptris a CG (computer graphics) animation and gaming technologies base platform, where modeling is very similar to working with a ball of clay. Students will investigate drawing and modeling of human forms, objects from life, architecture and from their imagination. Strong emphasis will be placed on the technical, conceptual and compositional development, idea generation, the artwork’s relation and role to contemporary art and society. Students will learn to communicate visually, orally and in writing about the formal/compositional elements, the content and/or emotional/intellectual meaning and the context of art in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Class structure will include: studio/work days, presentations, discussions on articles of critical discourse, demonstrations addressing techniques, shop procedures and safety, as well as group critics.

What you will learn:
Students will:
• Develop and refine three-dimensional modeling skills using computer software
• Develop safe and capable working habits with tools and machinery
• Develop and refine three-dimensional problem solving skills
• Learn how to convey ones ideas through three-dimensional form
• Learn to communicate better orally and through writing about three-dimensional
• Gain a better understanding of the use of a collective studio space
• Understand your place as an artist in relation to the history of art, contemporary art and contemporary society

How you will be evaluated:
• Three portfolios of 3D drawings/models of 3 - 6 drawings each
• Two to three 3D printed objects
• Three to fourclass presentations of artists using computer technology
• One to two written peer critiques
• One artist log to include 10 artist’s works and bios

Number of hours and cost:
1 hour & 15 minute sessions, four times per week for four weeks
Students earn two credit hours per course.
Cost: $376.84 in-state
Cost: $1,656.22 out-of-state
Material costs: $15 per student

Special Course Requirements:
 Students need access to a laptop computer capable of running Sculptris (pixologic.com/sculptris) and Blender (blender.org/download/get-blender/) software.
 Either Mac or PC is acceptable.

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